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JNCSF Natto Campaign Song Natto Song” Decided!

On January 10, for the occasion of the “Itohiki Sticky Natto Day,” we will announce on our homepage etc. a promotional song for natto, “Natto Song,” which will make everyone feel like eating natto.

After the impartial examination of many entries, the song “Natto dai-suki (I Love Natto)!” by Mr. Atsushi KASAGI living in China prefecture was selected. The song was sung by a cheerful girl, and was completed as the “Natto Song” that gives the images of the pleasant dining with natto as well as the delicious taste of natto.

It is a very pop song - merry, cute and cheerful singing voice matches very well with light tempos. Listening to it will make you just feel like mixing natto in a rice bowl to the rhythm.
You can view Seina NAMBA sing “Natto Daisuki (I Love Natto)!” on the JNCSF homepage.
Watch it while having natto at your dining table.

Towards this year’s Natto Day, the song is scheduled to be played at the natto-selling space of the supermarkets all over Japan. Please check the natto-selling space for it and the Natto Three Brothers’ POP.

We Love Natto!
mp3 niconico DOUGA