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History of developments of natto

Effects Double When Soybeans Processed into Natto

Notto not only contains all the wonderful nutrition and medicinal properties of soybeans but also increases some of the ingredients during the fermentation process.

One of such ingredients is vitamin B2. It is contained 0.3 milligrams in 100 grams of soybeans; it increases to 0.56 milligrams when changed into natto. This increase is caused by natto yeasts, and depending on natto, B2 contents may become 3-4 times higher in many cases.

Vitamin B2 is essential to diet, as it works to burn excessive fat in the body smoothly, make the skin beautiful, and prevent us from becoming blubbery.

Its effect of dissolving fat is useful in preventing arteriosclerosis, which in turn prevents complications such as diabetes. B2 has the growth promoting effect for children, which is especially important during the growth period. Many children like natto presumably because their body requires the ingredients of natto.

Moreover, it will prevent a bad hangover if you eat natto when drinking alcohol, as vitamin B2 is said to be effective in recovering from fatigue and enhancing liver function.

As is explained under another heading, natto is rich in vitamin K2 which attracts attention for its effect of making bones of middle-aged and older women strong. Since soybeans contain only a negligible amount, it is created by natto yeasts.

The secret to the delicious taste of natto is the sticky paste whose main ingredient is glutamine acid, one of the amino acids. This ingredient is also made by natto yeasts. The sticky ingredient protects stomach walls, cleans the intestinal tract for smooth passage of foods and waste products, and facilitates egestion of poisonous things for our body. Nattokinase - which is attracting attention as the enzyme to dissolve blood clots that are prone to emerge in blood vessels - can also be regarded as the substance created by natto yeasts.