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Federation of Japan 'Natto' Manufactures Cooperative Society (JNCSF)

Name Federation of Japan 'Natto' Manufactures Cooperative Society (JNCSF)
Address 3FL. 6-2-3, HIGASHIUENO, Taito-ku, Tokyo、Japan
TEL (03) 6231-6458
President Yoshihiro Noro
Foundation April 1954
Membership 203 companies (as of August 1, 2012)
Objective The objective of the federation is to promote voluntary economic activities of member companies and improve their economic standing by implementing joint businesses necessary for members and their cooperative based on the spirit of mutual assistance among members.
Membership qualification Entities qualified to be a member of the federation are business cooperatives which meet the following requirements:
(1) Cooperatives organized by companies which make natto.
(2) Having an office in the area of JNCSF (i.e., in Japan)
History 1939 “Natto cooperative” was established in each prefecture.
1941 "Japan natto industrial cooperative association"(JNICA) was established.
1954 "Japan natto cooperative society federation" was established by reorganizing the JNICA, based on the Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Cooperatives Act. JNCSF continues to this day.
Subcommittee Subcommittees expeditiously solve the problems which each cooperative, president, and cooperative members are currently facing. We promote business and make utmost efforts to respond to the new era and environment. We fulfill the role of JNCSF, while enhancing and invigorating its organization.