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President's Message

President Takashi

Since its establishment in 1954, Japan natto cooperative society feder`zation (JNCSF) has been leading the Japanese food culture as an industry group organized by businesses which make a traditional Japanese food “Natto.”

JNCSF strives to enhance the popularity of natto and increase its demand by setting up subcommittees with high expertise and engaging itself in various activities.

Until now, the market for natto has been expanding steadily, thanks to the efforts by member companies and the patronage of consumers.

It is presumably because consumers are well aware of the fact that natto is a traditional Japanese food and it is one of the foods which promote health.

Today in the 21st century, disorderly dietary habits, especially those among young people, are widely pointed out, with the importance of dietary education being debated. Under these circumstances, we strongly wish that this homepage will be of help in rediscovering the Japanese food culture.

In closing, I would like to promise, as my last words, to continue delivering safe and reliable products to consumers going forward, representing every member company of Japan natto cooperative society federation.

Yoshihiro Noro
Federation of Japan 'Natto' Manufactures Cooperative Society