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Vitamin E Beauty/beautiful skin/menopause/restraint of neutral fat

It prevents the ageing of skin by eliminating active oxygen, while facilitating blood flow.

Vitamin E can improve skin conditions by balancing water and oil in skin cells through emulsification of mixing water and oil. Moreover, vitamin E eliminates active oxygen which ages the skin. While oxidizing fat into peroxide lipids, active oxygen also facilitates blood flows by decreasing peroxide lipids. It makes the blood flow vigorously, delivers sufficient fresh oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, and invigorates the excretion of waste products

It also alleviates the symptoms of menopause by facilitating the release of hormones.

The chemical name of vitamin E is tocopherol, which means the source of life. Vitamin E facilitates the release of male and female hormones; for example, when the release of female hormones is weakened, it will particularly invigorate the release. Moreover, vitamin E can alleviate the symptoms of menopause - such as headache, stiff shoulder, excessive sensitivity to cold - by dissolving peroxide lipids and facilitating blood flow.

It prevents the oxidization of cholesterol by eliminating active oxygen.

Unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and lecithin have a problem of being prone to be oxidized. In particular, according to some research, oxidized linoleic acid facilitates lung, breast and colorectal cancers. With its antioxidant effect of eliminating active oxygen, vitamin E helps linoleic acid and lecithin to function. Moreover, vitamin E prevents arteriosclerosis through its neutralizing effect of de-oxidizing the oxidized cholesterol.