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Vitamin B2 Beauty/beautiful skin/intestinal regulation/diet

It makes healthy skin by facilitating regeneration of cells

Known as a water-soluble vitamin necessary to energize lipids, it can also facilitate regeneration of cells, making healthy skin, hair and nails. Vitamin B2 is abundantly contained in soybeans. Better still, in the case of natto, more proteins are contained as natto yeasts produce them. We need to take vitamin B2 every day, as our body cannot retain it and we lose what we take from our meals in about one day.

It facilitates energy metabolism of lipids.

Vitamin B2 is a coenzyme to the enzyme which works to dissolve fat into energy. Without enough vitamin B2, redundant fat will be stored in fat cells as fatty acid. Fat has high energy of about 9 kcal/g, which is more than twice that of saccharides or proteins of about 4kcal. Moreover, while the energy loss is 20-23% when saccharides change into body fat, it is only 2-3% when fat into body fat as it is a change between similar substances. Therefore, it is essential for the diet to facilitate energy metabolism of fat.

It protects mucous membranes by assisting regeneration of cells.

It is a vitamin to facilitate regeneration of cells; it works to keep mucous membranes normal as well as repress inflammation. It is abundantly contained in animal products, but they are full of fat and therefore, are likely to cause allergy. In this regard, natto can be taken efficiently, as being a vegetable food, it is easy to digest and absorb.