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Vitamin K Bone invigoration/anti-ageing/anti-ulcer

It makes calcium embedded in bones and prevents its elution from there.

While bones are made by combining calcium and protein, vitamin K works not only to strengthen the combination and the formation of bones but also to prevent calcium from getting out of bones. There are two kinds of vitamin Ks: Vitamin K1, which is contained in livers, sea weeds, vegetables, etc.; and vitamin K2 in fermented foods such as natto, miso bean paste, and cheese. Comparing people with osteoporosis and those without, vitamin K2 shows a low concentration in the blood of the former, while vitamin K1 showing no such a difference. Therefore, we can say vitamin K2 is more important in making bones strong. Since about half of vitamin K2 our body needs is made by intestinal bacteria, it is recommended to eat natto which contains exceptionally abundant vitamin K2 in order to take a sufficient volume.

It inhibits bleeding by clotting blood.

It normally is engaged in making the components for restraining blood clotting; once bleeding, however, it will start making blood clotting factors. When vitamin K is lacking, mucous membranes are weakened and bleeding from there becomes difficult to stop. Vitamin K is effective in reducing the bleeding of ulcers.