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Q: Do they have natto in other countries?

In China, they have the food called “Tachio” in Mandarin. They are black in color, differ widely from good to not-so-good tastes - or, from salty dry to wet ones - and smell like miso bean paste but with or without ammonia odor.

It is the food closest to Teramachi (temple town) Natto, Shiokara (pickled squids) Natto, and Kara (China) Natto.

And “Shi” means natto. In the Heian era, it was called “Kuki” and was said to have been valued not as a side dish but as a seasoning.

In others, there are various foods made by processing soybeans in Asian countries. Among them, “Kinema” in Nepal and “Bekang” in India etc. are close to Itohiki-natto in their taste and smell.