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Q: What kinds of Itohiki Sticky Natto are there?

Itohiki Sticky Natto can be categorized into three: gMarudaizu Whole-Soybeans Natto,h gHikiwari Ground Natto,h and gGoto In-Barrel Natto.h

gMarudaizu Whole-Soybeans Nattoh is the most popular one, which is made by boiling the whole soybeans and fermenting them.

gHikiwari Ground Nattoh is typically made by roasting soybeans, grinding them roughly, removing the peel, and boiling them. It has been made in Aomori, Akita, Iwate and others since before the Edo era.

gGoto In-Barrel Nattoh is the local food in the Yonezawa region of Yamagata prefecture. It is made by mixing malted rice and salt with ground natto, puttig them in the barrel, and maturing them.

Nowadays, it is sold under the name of gYukiwari Snow-Breaking Nattoh after having been changed to be made with less salt.

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