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Effective in Enhancing Brain Power

gNatto Brainh of Michael, The Boy Genius

There lives an amazing boy who has proved Nattofs gBrain Plant Power.h And he is an American. He is a third-generation of Japanese-American and his name is Michael Carney. He is a boy genius who made three Guinness Book Records at the age of ten. When he was six years old, he made a world record as the youngest graduate from high school, and at the same age, entered the University of South Alabama and studied anthropology. He graduated from the University at the age of ten.

In other words, he made the three records by entering high school, graduating there and entering the university at the youngest age in the world. Moreover, he graduated from the university with almost all As, became the talk of all over America, and attracted attention more than President Clinton.

It is really surprising that Michaelfs IQ exceeded 200. It was reported in the newspapers about his visit to Japan in 1995 that when he was asked as to why he was so smart, his answer was: gBecause I eat natto everyday.h

Michael was born as the first son of Mr. Kevin Carney, a navy officer, and Mrs. Cassidy Yumiko Carney, a second-generation Japanese American. His mother Yumiko has black hair and black eyes, and can speak Japanese a little.

The Carney family mostly eat Japanese food. Michaelfs most favorite dish is gNatto rice,h and he also likes sushi, tempura, fried dumpling, udon noodle, tofu bean curd, dried seaweeds, etc. We can say he is an authentic Japanese food lover.

His mother is said to have kept eating natto, with her mainly Japanese food meals, when she was pregnant of Michael. Such tastes may have been passed to Michael.

When he was four years old, his IQ exceeded 200, and after that, moving up four grades per year, he became a high school student at the age when ordinary children entered kindergarten. Without doubt, he has the gNatto brainh of genius. Natto is rich in lecithin which is an important element in enhancing the functions of the brain. Acetylcholine is an information transmission substance which plays an important role in strengthening the learning ability, memory, concentration, creative ability and the like. The ingredient of acetylcholine is the lecithin.

Moreover, natto contains glutamic acid which activates the brain positively, tyrosine which quickens the mental speed, and B vitamins. Michaelfs brain power of the genius is apparently inherited from his parents, but the gHealth ingredientsh contained in natto could be one of the contributing factors. (Materials provided by Yamada Foods)

We have about 14 billion brain cells. These brain cells already exist at the time of birth and their number does not increase after that. On the other hand, various protuberances come out of the cells, mingle with other cells nearby, and become connected.

Period for utmost growth 0~3 years old/6~7 years old/ 10~12-13 years old

In any case, the age of 6-7 years old is the ideal time to master something. While these cells reach their peak at the age of 18 and go on decline, glecithinh could delay the declining curve even a little.