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Effective in Enhancing Brain Power

Natto Rice with Egg Found Best for Improving Memory

Recently, the importance of breakfast is much talked about. This is because breakfast is the key to brain’s activity for the day. Statistically speaking, those who do not eat breakfast tend to get involved in traffic accidents at higher rates, and have lower concentration in the classroom in the case of students. The habit of eating sufficient breakfast is the secret to improving brain power and preventing the ageing of brain cells.

Breakfast pleases our brain and body. When we get up in the morning, our remaining energy is low, with the energies in the brain and body having been emptied during the sleep. The only energy source for the brain is glucose. Therefore, we need carbohydrates for the breakfast. Carbohydrates become glycogen in our body, which is the ingredient of glucose demanded by brain cells for their activities.

For breakfast, there appears to be no big difference between rice and bread; however, in terms of nutrition such as protein, rice is better. Moreover, rice contains lecithin which is essential to improve memory. Since the Edo era, Japanese people have formed the habit of eating rice with natto on it, and it is very good to improve brain power. The 21st century will be a super-information age. In other words, brain power will matter then.

Therefore, you should pay attention to Natto Rice with Egg. From the viewpoint of brain nutrition, it is an ideal breakfast. It is because lecithin is richly contained in all of chicken eggs, natto and rice. Lecithin activates our brain, as is explained under another heading.

People lose neurotransmitters as they age; it is considered to be one of the causes of memory loss. Breakfast of Natto Rice with Egg is an excellent diet for the brain in order to rejuvenate the brain as well.