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Isoflavone Reinforcing the immune system/normalizing the hormone balance

Reinforcing the immune system and strengthening anti-bacterial/anti-cancer effects

It is a female hormone-like substance in soybeans. When soybeans are fermented, the sugar chains attached to the surface of isoflavone molecules are severed, changing into molecules called aglycone. Isoflavone-agricone works to restrain the growth of cancer cells and prevent the weakening of the immune system after exposure to radiation for cancer treatment, as well as reinforce the immune system. It also has an outstanding anti-bacterial effect. The recommended amount of isoflavone-aglycone intake is 70-75 mg per day. You can take that amount by a pack (60g) of natto every day.

It has a female hormone like effect such as lowering the release of hormones.

Isofalvone - richly contained in soybeans from which natto is made - has a similar structure with female hormone estrogen (estrogenic hormone), and therefore, has a female hormone-like effect similar to that of estrogen. Isoflavone is one of the flavonoids, being also called as plant estrogen (phytoestrogen), and it works in place of hormones when the release of female hormones decreases. As fermentation of soybeans by natto yeasts makes them easy to be absorbed by our body, natto has a stronger female horme-like effect. Isoflavone in soybeans exists in the form of genistein and daidzein, which also have antioxidant effects to erase active oxygen.