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Lecithin Intestinal regulation/diet/ recovery/antibacterial and sterilizing

It facilitates blood flow with emulsification.

As the phospholipid contained in soybeans, it facilitates blood flow by preventing, through emulsification, cholesterol in the blood stream from being deposited in blood vessel walls. Moreover, cholesterol will not be excessively made if the liver is working properly. Being the material for the cell membrane, lecithin enhances the function of the liver, preventing excessive production of cholesterol.

It increases good cholesterol.

Among cholesterol, there are good one (High-Density Lipoprotein: HDL) and bad one (Low-Density Lipoprotein: LDL). Excessive LDL is oxidized into oxidized LDL, which causes arteriosclerosis etc. Lecithin decreases LDL, while increasing HDL. As a result, we can also expect prevention of arteriosclerosis.

It detoxifies toxic substances produced by bacteria.

Being a peculiar lipid which can be combined with glycoprotein and glycolipid on the surface of the cell membrane, it is known to work to the similar effect of the antibody produced by B-cells of lymphocyte, immune system cells. Antibodies not only fight against pathogens but also detoxify toxic substances produced by bacteria. Lecithin has similar effects, and we can take it efficiently as natto is easy to digest and absorb.