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Saponin Anti-bacteria/ sterilization/beauty/HBP/prevention of blood clots

Reinforcing the immune system by becoming the feed for immune cells

It is an active ingredient richly contained in soybeans, and becomes the feed for immune cells. Immune cells such as white blood cells and lymphocyte cells need some ingredients as their feed to be active. Therefore, we can improve the immune system by having a lot of feed; in other words, eating natto.

With its strong anti-oxidant effects, it lowers the levels of cholesterol and neutral fat.

It is one of glycosides, with anti-oxidant properties to erase active oxygen. Moreover, it prevents the level of lipid peroxide in the blood from rising, while working to lower the levels of cholesterol and neutral fat. Furthermore, it is useful in making beautiful skin by limiting skin cell damage and promoting regeneration.

It increases the release of estrogen by improving liver function.

It works to restrain generation of lipid peroxide and enhancing liver function. Liver has the function of producing cholesterol. Improved liver function, therefore, leads to an increased release of estrogen by increasing cholesterol which is the ingredient of sex hormones.

It prevents/improves high blood pressures/arteriosclerosis by restraining lipid peroxide.

It is one of glycosides, and restrains generation of lipid peroxide which causes blood clots. While lipid peroxide facilitates arteriosclerosis by attaching itself to blood vessel walls, we can, by taking saponin, prevent arteriosclerosis. Moreover, it is confirmed to lower the levels of cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood which facilitate arteriosclerosis.