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Protein Bone invigoration/prevention of menopausal symptoms

It is an important element for making bones

Protein constitutes about 25% of the bone. Bones are formed with minerals such as calcium placed between proteins. In order to make bones strong, we need to take protein in addition to calcium. Soybeans, the ingredient of natto, are rich in protein and contain 18 out of 20 kinds of the amino acids which comprise protein. The absorption rate of calcium increases when taken together with the food of balanced amino acids which comprise protein. Natto, rich in calcium, contains a lot of protein with balanced amino acids; and therefore, it improves the rate of calcium absorption, while helping to prevent osteoporosis.

It increases cholesterol which is the component of sex hormones.

When we take proteins from food, they are digested in the stomach, dissolved into amino acids, absorbed in the small intestine, and enter into the blood stream. After that, in the liver, they are put together into proteins the body needs. As hormones are made from proteins, which in natto with well-balanced amino acids help to increase hormones. Cholesterol is the component of sex hormones such as estrogen. Cholesterol is also made in the liver using carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins taken for meals. It is important to strengthen liver function in order to increase cholesterol, the component of sex hormones. Supply of the protein - which is the element of the liver itself as well as essential to strengthen its functions - leads to an increase of sex hormones.