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Dietary Fiber Beauty/diabetes/neutral fat/cholesterol control

It relieves constipation by regulating intestinal conditions.

Dietary fiber facilitates bowel movement by stimulating the intestinal walls and increasing good bacteria among those in the intestines. Bad bacteria increase when constipated. The toxins produced by bad bacteria are to be ingested by the large intestine and detoxified in the liver; however, those that cannot not detoxified are to be carried to skin cells where they cause chapped skin from constipation. Among dietary fibers, there are water-soluble and insoluble ones. The latter stimulate the intestinal walls but work to harden feces, while the former soften them. Therefore, we need to take both in order to facilitate bowel movement. Natto contains them in a good balance with water-soluble and insoluble dietary fibers 2.3% and 4.4%, respectively.

It holds down blood sugar levels by lowering the absorption of glucose.

It works to prevent blood sugar levels from rising rapidly by delaying the absorption of glucose from the small intestine. As a result, secretion of insulin decreases, with the effect of lightening the burden of the pancreas. Natto contains a well-balanced blend of water-soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. Among them, water-soluble dietary fibers are to be dissolved in the stomach, working to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates - including too much glucose taken - and lipids by enwrapping part of them, and egesting them.

It egests cholesterol.

Dietary fiber works to absorb cholesterol in the intestines and egests it. Moreover, water-soluble dietary fibers also work to become gelatinous state and egest bile acid. Bile acid is made from cholesterol in the liver: after having performed its role in the intestines, it will be ingested in the blood and become cholesterol again in the liver. If it is egested as bile acid, the level of cholesterol in the liver drops as much, making the cholesterol in the blood return to the liver, and lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood as a result.